JPM FM Covid 19 Response

Our response to Covid

With the changing environment & guidance on the Covid-19 pandemic, JPM has had to remain flexible in order to maintain its level of service expected by its customers. As U.K. and Irish businesses begin to open back up, we’re there to support your business in the requirement of providing a safe working environment. We’re utilising all of our experience, knowledge and technology to help fight against the virus and help keep costs down in what have been extremely challenging times. 


Protecting our staff

JPM works within a large range of sectors providing a multitude of services for businesses of all sizes. Put simply, we cannot provide these services without our staff being mentally and physically fit. Therefore, we’ve introduced new policies & procedures, increased the supply of PPE and established an Incident Team to help regularly review our efforts and provide guidance based of government recommendations. Here’s just some of the ways we’re safeguarding our staff:

  •  Staff are required to wear gloves, face masks & boot covers when conducting any work. Antibacterial spray will be used before and after to sanitise any work surfaces.
  • Staff will contact customers 15-minutes prior to arrival to allow for preparation of their arrival to take place. 
  • Usually completed paperwork will not be provided to customers unless explicitly asked for. 
  • Customers will be asked to leave the working area whilst our staff are working. Inspections can take place prior to work ending provided social distancing measure of 2-metres are being adhered to.


Protecting our customers

In parallel to the policies and procedures outlined above, JPM has taken additional steps to help protect our customers. Here’s some of the additional steps we’ve taken to help protect our customers.

  • We are currently not handling cash payments. All payments are to be taken via card, over the phone.
  • Additional questions may be asked when booking work in to ensure there wouldn’t be a risk to yourselves (particularly vulnerable shielding adults as outline by Government Guidelines) by having staff working in your businesses and homes.
  • Staff will arrive to worksites in separate vehicles and adhere to 2-metre social distancing at all times.
We will continue to regularly monitor our policies and procedures as we put safety as our number one priority.