Extraction Cleaning

It’s a difficult, dirty and unpleasant job but legislation including The Health and safety at work act,
Fire risk assessment and your buildings insurance means you can’t ignore it.
The consequences of neglect can be severe for the business responsible, the implications are at best
the failure to comply with health and safety regulations, at worst the consequences could be severe
as serious fire damage or even loss of life.
We can provide a complete internal ventilation clean, including grease filters and extraction fans.
Using state of the art de-greasing chemicals we can remove the build-up of fat, grease, dirt, and soot
deposits which can so easily cause malfunction of the ventilation extraction fan which can so
easily lead to a major fire.
All cleaning can take place anytime a year, this allows your business to continue trading without any disruption to your usual trading hours.
Intervals between regular specialist cleans depend on usage. Below is a table recommending the intervals between cleans as stated by the Health and Safety