Mattress Cleaning


We combine the latest equipment and state of the art technology to remove odours, kill dust mites and their allergens, as well as germs and bacteria that normal cleaning just can’t manage.

Using a high intensity UVC light, we kill the dust mites, germs and bacteria that inhabit your mattress. This effectively destroys the bacteria that cause odour, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Dry steaming

Dry steam is only 5% water and is not to be confused with other types of steam cleaning that you would normally think of. The water in the dry streamer is superheated to temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius or higher (dust mites die at 120 degrees Celsius).

A further benefit of the steam and water filtered vacuum cleaning system is that the allergy aggravating mites do not become airborne. Nothing beats water as a filtration method. Wet dust can’t fly.