Carpet & Upholstery



Periodic steam cleaning will revive and extend the life of carpets in your business or home. The accumulation of soil and grit significantly contribute to excessive wear on your carpets as well as enabling destructive and health harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked.
We utilise state of the art hot water portable extraction machines supplied from industry leaders such as Prochem™, We take pride in keeping our machinery, chemicals and cleaning techniques in line with the latest technology ensuring that we can offer you maximum results for your money.
JPM Group Experts technicians have been trained to the highest industry standard as all our carpet cleaning products are 100% bio-degradable (eco-friendly) and absolutely safe to be used in any home. Our machines are so powerful that your carpets will be dry, clean and fresh within a couple of hours from completion of the carpet cleaning process. If required we can even leave your carpets dry in 30 minutes.

Rug Cleaning

JPM Group Experts operate a specialised rug cleaning service using environmentally friendly solutions that are completely safe to children and pets. They are also biodegradable and non-toxic. These solutions will help bring back the rugs original colours.


As with Carpet cleaning, it is necessary to periodically clean soft furnishings to keep them fresh and hygienic, to remove stains and to prolong their life expectancy. Our process is similar to that used in our carpet cleaning procedure. We use a specialised hand tool that cleans across the fabric instead of the solution being fired directly into it. This makes the drying time of the upholstery very fast and prevents possible re-soiling. Our micro-splitting technology chemicals will suspend soil particles from the fibers, without the use of detergents or enzymes. This will ensure optimum cleaning results.

Leather cleaning

Have your leather suite professionally cleaned and it will look, feel and smell like new
Cleaning is an essential part of caring for your leather furniture. It not only removes dirt and oils, which over time, can break down the leathers protective coating but will also help to maintain the moisture balance in the leather. This is important for keeping the leather supple and makes it less likely to absorb spillages
We clean leather using a specialist leather cleaning solution that will clean deep down into the grain of the leather removing any ingrained soil and grease. This involves gentle agitation into the grain of the leather.

Leather Rinse

We will then remove last traces of emulsified soil and grease using the leather ‘rinse’ process leaving your leather furniture clean.

Leather Finishing (Protection and Conditioning)

We apply a leather protection and conditioning agent. This product maintains a proper moisture balance in your leather and resists the effect of daily soiling. It also ensures a long lasting supple feel…

Scotch Guard

Protects items all around the house. From clothing, upholstery, chair cushions, table linens and more.
Repels liquids and blocks stains
Strong protection pushes stains away from fabric fibers so stains release easily
Won’t change the look, feel or breathability of fabrics
Safe to use on delicate and dry clean only fabrics such as silks and wools