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Preventative Maintenance Management software was developed for the automated food manufacturing environment to help prevent, predict, track and manage unscheduled downtime. CMMS has been providing the industry over twenty-five years with a turnkey solution for the automation or elimination of the paperwork involved in operating an efficient maintenance department.

Features of CMMS

    • Generates a daily schedule of maintenance tasks
    • Assigns maintenance tasks to individuals
    • Allows for future maintenance planning
    • Generates reports on all aspects of maintenance
    • Accurate Fault Reporting
    • Tracks recurring faults
    • Prioritises faults
    • SMS and Email alert on faults
    • Utilities tracking
    • Different levels of access within the system
    • User Friendly


Benefits of CMMS

    • Improves your bottom line
    • Efficient use of resources
    • Reduced Liability
    • Aids efficient decision making
    • Plans, records and monitors all maintenance issues
    • Automatically re-schedules maintenance tasks
    • Provides you with real-time┬ámaintenance information
    • Ability to flag Health and Safety items
    • Covers all aspects of your building(s)
    • Accessible 24/7 from any location with internet access
    • Faster response time through SMS and email