chef catering service

It is the policy of JPM Group to set, implement and maintain high standards of personal and operational hygiene to ensure that the health and well-being of our customers and staff are not put at risk.

In particular, we are committed to purchasing only safe, sound and wholesome food and to establishing systems and procedures for controlling the receipt, storage, preparation, production, distribution, and service of this food.

We will provide adequate facilities, equipment, and staff in order that the catering facility can be maintained in a hygienic condition at all times and that the food, which we provide, will always be safe for human consumption.

HMSA comprehensive documented cleaning schedule will be implemented for the premises and equipment and the cleaning tasks will be allocated to selected personnel on a weekly basis. We will engage the services of a pest control contractor and we will take immediate corrective action if any signs of pest infestation should be observed.

All food workers will be trained in good hygiene practices and they will be made aware of the potential risks to public health. They will be given individual and collective responsibility for ensuring that all their tasks are performed in a hygienic manner.