Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

JPM Cleaners Services are committed to conducting our business in a manner, which achieves sustainable growth whilst demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility. We believe that corporate responsibility is about a strong commitment to;

1. Our Employees

Our people are our main asset and we maintain and develop an environment that respects diversity, equality and provides opportunities for all employees. We aim to provide a safe, fulfilling and rewarding career for all our employee, we do this by ensuring our people are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and tools to provide excellent customer service.

2. The Environment

We recognise that we must be responsible for managing, monitoring and reducing the impact of our business on the environment. The Directors manage all business activity with integrity and seek to identify new ways
of reducing environmental impact, through recycling solutions, review of chemicals used and the implementation of energy efficient practises including reviewing of packaging of chemicals.

3. Community

We understand that our business impacts on the communities in which we operate. We foster relationships within our local community and support local employment.

4. Health and Safety

Our commitment to safe systems of work and the operation of an effective Health and Safety policy is reflected by our safety standards. No employees are permitted to work until a preliminary health and safety assessment is completed, further training on complex machinery and chemicals is then provided, based on the needs of the employee and their working environment. Comprehensive training records are held for all employees.

5. Summary

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is used to govern our business values, purpose and strategy, whilst embedding responsible and ethical business policies and practices into everything we do. By working together with all our people and clients and embracing CSR, JPM are able to investigate new markets, respond to opportunities, build relationships, and to benchmark and evaluate our services